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The gestures incorporated in this building play with the local area, famous for its 19th century low-rise brick townhouses with tree lined avenues which hosts local pedestrian traffic and semi-private parks on every corner. The design is intended to bring the essence of Greenwich Village up into and through the building in an effort to gain a sense of place. While taking the idea of small semi-private park, and extending it through the core of the building, the apartment corridors become ‘pedestrian streets’. The brick facade is used as ‘light’ shading device rather than the heavy cumbersome quality it typically bares as a baring wall. This lends itself to connecting back to the context of the community while maintaining a sense of lightness and control. Each apartment is a duplex which incorporates views down into the building corridors, east towards the local streets and west to the Hudson River. This provides each apartment with a direct connectivity to the buildings contained neighborhood of residences, as well as with its location within NYC, Greenwich Village.


Location: Greenwich Village, New York City, USA

Credits: Project: Elizabeth Irene Benson


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