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Architecture and design are about living, and so my work is strongly focused on inspired environments based in how we live, think, and relate to inside and out, with a playful attitude on social aspects, materiality and context. All design choices stem, not so much from an intention to guide forms, but to conform to how we intuitively move and exist in each surrounding environment, while adding a touch of that which is unusual, unexpected or new.  My attempts have been to attain a sense of minimalist drama as a consequence of light through the comparison of material use. As I put focus on how we engage an understanding of space by simply suggesting form and meaning through materiality: utilizing the very real relationships between people and the metaphysical presence of the material world: my designs spring to life, directly affecting us through the connectivity of the unexpected, the drama in moments, the connection of space, materials, textures, and light. It is design as a response to elements by expressing purpose with an appreciation to the effect the material world has on our psychology and well-being.


Grounded in human values and focused on the enrichment of our lives, I am passionate about providing the right feel as a matter of making something beautiful, moving or dramatic, in search of intimacy and timelessness. I am always looking to the viewpoint of material possibilities; rethinking the relationship between material and immaterial properties, with an increasing regard for the sensuality which can heighten the rendering of the experience of a space and the meaning behind the design. Architecture and design’s manifest denial to explain itself and the amorphous quality of color values, textures and relationships can succeed in generating an intimacy and humanity; accepting our true situation, and the refusal to ignore it, lending itself to the creation of soft stories and allowing us to get more out of life.


Currently, I am exceedingly eager to join an energetic firm with an appetite for sophisticated material innovation and high-end spatial clarity, so I may continue acquiring comprehensive experience in the various specialized areas of practice and refine my professional judgment as an interdisciplinary Architect and Designer. 

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