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In a salty and monster infested marine world, the men are heightened to be made heroic and villainous. Confrontations or treats from nature and stormy seas will reveal the man within. ​

​Entry Space - Rite of Passage

​This entry space offers a detailed effect of the visual, physical and emotional value offered by Rounding Cape Horn as a rite of passage through the risks offered by exploration, fear and the sheer scale of man vs the ocean and the ship.

​As a person encounters the point of entry, they are immediately confronted with gale winds, mist and rain, narrow passages, large pivoting floor plates, tossing sails and loose swinging objects. As lighting is dim at best and all materials are shades of gray, the only immediate visual relief of safety would be to flee into a side, secondary sun soaked space that merely leads the visitor to exit the building. In order for any visitor to enter the rest of the whaling museum complex, they must pass through this storm infested environment.

Through the use of high powered fans, sails, and moving floor plates working in combination, the space is a machine enforcing visitors to confront certain threats and have to react to the consequences of any paths taken.​


Location: Entry Point to Whaling Museum Complex

Credits: Project: Elizabeth Irene Benson

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