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Hoboken Public Library


As one of 9 competing architecture studios, my team (designated Team Black) was asked to present a public library for a given site in Hoboken, NJ with a full-scale building mock-up, using masonry as a primary medium. Working with skilled masons, our team was able to develop construction details, select and estimate material costs, as well as plan and execute the actual construction of a mock-up, built along the entry path to the College of Architecture and Design at NJIT. Upon completion, verbal and graphic presentations were held for the COAAD student body, critics, and 6 noteworthy judges. Of 5 possible awarded categories, our team was awarded the following:


1st Place - all round design, mock-up + presentation

1st Place - mock-up design

1st Place - presentation


Location: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Credits: Design Team: Elizabeth Irene Benson,

Michelle Borth, Brian Darling, Djony Defendre, Sam Fligman, Michelle Flood, Andres Lamos, Adam Lasota, Henrey Pemberton, Zim Seferi, PierreTalisse

Materials and Laybor attributed to:

International Union of Brick Layers and the Allied Craftworkers Administrative Council of New Jersey

Press:   Masonary Contractors of New Jersey

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             NJ BIZ Around the State 4/24/2009

             NJ BIZ Around the State 4/13/2009

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